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Confidentiality and Data Protection

Blodyn Yr Haul Counselling and Therapeutic Support CIC is registered with the Information Commissioner's Office.

Information that is shared in the sessions remains confidential between client and counsellor.

Counselling caseloads might be discussed within Blodyn Yr Haul Counselling and Therapeutic Support CIC to ensure best practice.

In the event that the counsellor has concerns relating to safeguarding, terrorism, or money laundering, Confidentiality will be broken.

The need to break confidentiality will be shared with the client and support will be sought from the appropriate agency.

If Student Counsellors are required to keep records as part of their studies, permission will be gained from the client.

All Counsellors are bound by the BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy) to engage in regular supervision. 

Equality and Diversity

Every Client, Counsellor, Student Counsellor, and anyone working with Blodyn Yr Haul Counselling and Therapeutic Support CIC in any capacity can expect to be treated with respect and compassion at all times. 

Blodyn Yr Haul Counselling and Therapeutic Support CIC will endeavour to meet the physical, sensory, neurodivergent, cultural, care, and any other needs of any individual or group.

Counselling sessions are available in Welsh.

When expectations are not met Blodyn Yr Haul Counselling and Therapeutic Support CIC will endeavour to resolve any issues at the earliest opportunity.

Health and Safety

Blodyn Yr Haul Counselling and Therapeutic Support CIC has a responsibility to ensure the safety of all members of Blodyn Yr Haul team and all service users.

Where work is undertaken online, via email, phone, or text, client's are responsible for their own safety.

If Counsellors or Student Counsellors are delivering face to face sessions, the Counsellor or Student Counsellor will conduct a visual inspection of the environment. 

If the Counsellor or Student Counsellor observes a problem they will make a decision based on their own best judgement as to whether the session can safely go ahead.

If clients are unwell, it is expected that they will give 24 hours notice if the session requires rearranging or moving online to reduce the potential spread of infection.

Whilst it is recognised that alcohol, and drugs are commonly used maladaptive coping strategies, if a Counsellor feels that a Client is intoxicated to a degree where the session might not safely proceed, the Counsellor will respectfully and empathetically rearrange the session.

If a Counsellor, or Student Counsellor, is delivering a face to face session, upon completion of the session, the Counsellor or Student Counsellor will notify Claudia Herman that they have left the session safely.

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